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This is a list of HelpDesk Answers publications written by our faculty and residents from 2014 to 2017.

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2017 HelpDesk Answers Publications

Adam P, Tsvilina A. In patients with osteoporosis, should subclinical hyperthyroidism be treated? Evidence-Based Practice. 2017;20(4):3.

Huikko J, Satre T. Are the Vanderbilt ADHD scales helpful in ruling out comorbid conditions in children in ADHD? Evidence-Based Practice. 2017;20(3):11-2.

Fondell N, Feldman J. In transgender men (female-to-male), are long-acting testosterone injections an effective masculinizing therapy? Evidence-Based Practice. 2017;20(2):18.

2016 HelpDesk Answers Publications

2016 HelpDesk Answers Publications

Retka N, Satre T. Does clinic-based teaching on inhaler technique improve asthma outcomes? Evidence-Based Practice. 2016;19(12):7-8.

Srajeldin A, Adam P. Does the presence of lower extremity edema affect outcomes of patients with lower extremity cellulitis? Evidence-Based Practice. 2016;19(10):7-8.

Widstrom L, Slattengren A. Do autologous blood and PRP injections effectively treat tennis elbow? J Fam Pract. 2016;65(9):635.

Adam P, Ajibade O. Is dermoscopy helpful in differentiating alopecia areata from other forms of alopecia? Evidence-Based Practice. 2016;19(7):18-9.

Adegoke O, Satre T. Which probiotic species or combinations of species are best for treating irritable bowel syndrome? Evidence-Based Practice. 2016;19(5):18-20.

Ali N, Adam P. Do low sodium diets reduce the morbidity and mortality in patients with congestive heart failure? Evidence-Based Practice. 2016;19(4):17-8.

Bostrom E, Satre T. In patients with asthma, does increasing the dose of inhaled corticosteroid at the onset of an asthma exacerbation improve outcomes over continuing the maintenance dose? Evidence-Based Practice. 2016;19(3):9-10.

Zayed M, Madlon-Kay D. How prevalent is intimate partner violence among women presenting in orthopedic clinics? Evidence-Based Practice. 2016;19(3):20-1.

Lownik E, Slattengren A. How accurate is the Pediatric Appendicitis Score in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis in children? Evidence-Based Practice. 2016;19(2):7.

Dirksen L, Satre T. Is phenobarbital effective in treating alcohol withdrawal? Evidence-Based Practice. 2016;19(1):6-7.

2015 HelpDesk Answers Publications

2015 HelpDesk Answers Publications

Faisal M, Madlon-Kay D. For what gastrointestinal disorders in adults are probiotics effective? Evidence-Based Practice. 2015;18(10):9-10.

Sharma A, Philbrick A. Are SSRIs effective after ischemic stroke in function, quality of life, and recurrence of stroke? Evidence-Based Practice. 2015;18(9):11-2.

Johnson N, Satre T. In patients with COPD, do self-management action plans improve outcomes over usual care? Evidence-Based Practice. 2015;18(8):22.

Taves J, Satre T. Reducing amputation rates after severe frostbiteAm Fam Physician. 2015;92(8):716.

Zayed S, Madlon-Kay D. Growth hormone for treatment of idiopathic short stature in children. Am Fam Physician. 2015;92(1):64.

Hinrichs A, Adam P. Can breathing exercises lower blood pressure? Evidence-Based Practice. 2015;18(6):17.

Townsend L, Madlon-Kay D. Is it safe to add long-acting β-2 agonists to inhaled corticosteroids in patients with persistent asthma? J Fam Pract. 2015;64(6):370-1.

Schulz S, Adam P. What is the most effective topical treatment for allergic conjunctivitis? J Fam Pract. 2015;64(5):315, 321.

Singh S, Adam P. What can be done to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly? Evidence-Based Practice. 2015;18(4):9-10.

Hadian Jazi R, Satre T. What nonpharmacologic therapies for patients with chronic vertigo, not from Meniere’s disease, are effective for the relief of symptoms? Evidence-Based Practice. 2015;18(3):1-2.

Scott R, Satre T. Is spinal manipulation therapy more effective than home exercise as a treatment for neck pain? Evidence-Based Practice. 2015;18(3):10-1.

Dakoji S, Satre T. What nonpharmacologic interventions are effective for reducing needle-related procedural pain in children and adolescents? Evidence-Based Practice. 2015;18(2):7.

Brandenburg D, Pereira C, Adam P. Is it okay to use the nicotine patch during pregnancy? Evidence-Based Practice. 2015;18(2):17.

Okonkwo A, Satre T. Which opioid is best for the management of labor pain? Evidence-Based Practice. 2015;18(2):17-18.

2014 HelpDesk Answers Publications

2014 HelpDesk Answers Publications

Goodman D, Slattengren A. Which loop diuretic is most effective for the management of chronic heart failure in the outpatient setting? Evidence-Based Practice. 2014;17(10):14.

Crowl A, Lounsbery J. What are effective treatments for medication overuse headache? Evidence-Based Practice. 2014;17(10):26-7.

Smiley Y, Power D. Is a single dose of oral ondansetron effective in reducing rates of intravenous rehydration in children with gastroenteritis? Evidence-Based Practice. 2014;17(9):10-1.

Valencia M, Adam P. Which constipation management approaches are most effective for infants younger than 2 years? Evidence-Based Practice. 2014;17(9):12-3.

Yam V, Madlon-Kay D. What is a better screening tool, digital mammography or film mammography? Evidence-Based Practice. 2014;17(9):24-5.

Sahi G, Satre T. What first-step antihypertensive drug therapy is optimal for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus? Evidence-Based Practice. 2014;17(9):30.

Christensen T, Slattengren A. Is prolotherapy an effective nonsurgical treatment option for a partial ACL tear? Evidence-Based Practice. 2014;17(8):8.

Pipestone M, Madlon-Kay D. How soon after term premature rupture of membranes (PROM) should oxytocin be started? Evidence-Based Practice. 2014;17(7):8.

Arshad N, Madlon-Kay D. How do you prevent MRSA colonization among close contacts of patients with abscess or cellulitis in the community? Evidence-Based Practice. 2014;17(7):8-9.

Ulrich N, Slattengren A. What is the success rate of conservative therapy vs surgical treatment in an older patient with a partial rotator cuff tear? Evidence-Based Practice. 2014;17(5):8-9.

Kusnir D, Madlon-Kay D. Is liquid-based cytology more effective than the conventional method of identifying cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) grade 2 or higher in women? Evidence-Based Practice. 2014;17(1):13.