Our Involvement in Family Physicians Inquiries Network

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Heidi Fall

We are a member of the Family Physicians Inquiries Network (FPIN), a grass roots effort to make evidence-based family medicine and clinical scholarship more accessible to family physicians in clinical practice.

Our participation in Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-Based Practice is a monthly peer-reviewed journal from FPIN. St. Cloud residency program director Tom Satre, MDserves as its local editor.

Local editorial board members include our faculty and the director for Medical Educator Development and Scholarship (MEDS):

HelpDesk Answers

Our faculty and residents write HelpDesk Answers, which are brief, structured answers to clinical questions written by physicians for physicians based on the best available recent evidence. Residents work with faculty coauthors to write evidence-based answers to a HelpDesk question generated by FPIN.

HelpDesk Answers are published in Evidence-Based Practice and other family medicine journals.