Research of Mickey Eder

headshotMilton “Mickey” Eder, PhD, conducts translational research and focuses on engaging diverse communities in clinical research, improving health outcomes, and streamlining institutional research processes.

As the Director of the U of MN Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s (CTSI) program in Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health (CEARCH), Dr. Eder was an author of the University’s Clinical Translational Science Award (CTSA), awarded in 2018. He currently plays a central role in building infrastructure to support community involvement in clinical research at the University of Minnesota.  Activities include improving training of new researchers and cultivating a collaborative environment for research activities both within the university and among academic health centers across the country. CTSAs nationally are challenged to develop data-driven efficiencies for IRB approvals, for participant recruitment, and for expanding community access to multi-site studies; additional goals include focusing on engaging primary care practices in translational science with an emphasis on disseminating and implementing knowledge into practice.

Dr. Eder is committed to bringing community stakeholders together, which is a focus of the Patient Center Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and other federal initiatives. He organized the U of MN adaptation of the community engagement studio model to support community engaged research.  Studios are conducted quarterly and are open to VA and Hennepin County Medical Center researchers as CTSI partners.

Currently, he is working to build partnerships with community organizations and explore methods for democratizing access to research opportunities to facilitate participation in clinical research by more diverse populations.  He is currently developing a partnership that will host Science Cafes collaboratively with community health workers to explore the impact of culture and language on health literacy and medical adherence among Spanish-, Somali-, and Karen-speaking populations.

Dr. Eder is also interested in broad consent methodologies as a way of advancing both the efficiencies and relevance of research processes. He recently co-authored a white paper that utilized feedback from all CTSA academic health centers reporting on strategies, challenges, and approaches related to broad-consent-based research. 

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Grant-funded studies

Grant-funded studies

Upstream Approach to Addressing American Indian Health Inequities 16FCUR-1YR50MEKR Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute (University of Minnesota) 01/05/2017-09/05/2018

Community and Stakeholder Perspectives on Aging-in-Place, Pipeline to Proposal Tier I #8098876Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) 05/01/2015-01/31/2016

NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award at the University of Minnesota UL1 TR002494 (Blazer, Principal Investigator) Director, Office of Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health); Associate Director (Clinical Translational Science Institute) 03/30/2018-02/28/2023

Identifying Primary Care Practice Components Leading To Optimal Diabetes Care in Patient-Centered Medical Homes NIDDK R18DK110732 (Peterson, Principal Investigator) 07/16/2016-05/31/2021

Testing a Community Intervention to Increase Aspirin Use for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease R01HL126041 NHLBI (Luepker, Principal Investigator) 12/01/2014–11/30/2019

NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award at the University of Minnesota: UL1TR000114 (Blazer, Principal Investigator) Director, Office of Community Engagement to Advance Research and Community Health; Associate Director of the Clinical Translational Science Institute 06/01/2015–02/28/2017

Enhancing Community Health Center PCOR Engagement (EnCoRE) (Tobin, Prosser, Co-Principal Investigators) 06/09/2014–03/31/2016

NIDDK Centers for Diabetes Translation Research, P30DK092949 NIDDK (Chin, Principal Investigator) 02/01/2012–6/30/2014

EHR-based Health Literacy Strategy to Promote Medication Therapy Management, 1R01NR012745 NINR (Persell, Principal Investigator) 06/08/2011-3/31/2016

Primary Care Internet-Based Depression Prevention for Adolescents (CATCH-IT) renamed Promoting Adolescent Health (PATH), R01MH090035 NIMH (Van Voorhess, Principal Investigator), 12/01/2010–11/20/2013

Low-Literacy Physician-Patient Intervention Promoting Colorectal Cancer Screening, R01CA140177 NCI (Cameron, Principal Investigator) 09/01/2009–07/31/2013

Institutional Clinical and Translational Science Award, UL 1 TR000430-06 NCATS/NIH (Solway, Principal Investigator) 06/01/2012–05/31/2013

Institutional Clinical and Translational Science Award, UL 1 RR024999 NCRR/NIH (Solway, Principal Investigator) 09/30/2007–05/31/2012

LITCOG II: Health Literacy and Cognitive Function Among Older Adults, R01 AG 030611 NIA/NIH (Wolf, Principal Investigator) 03/01/2011–02/29/2016

Evaluation Studies

Ryan White Services Parts A, B, C, D (H76HA00550); D (H12HA23013) HRSA;

Part B integrated into Part A in 2012 1/2011– 6/2014

Stand Against Cancer, No grant # State of Illinois 2008–2013

SISTA Connect Safety Counts, 5U79SP015211 CDC (Engstrom M, Eder M.) 09/30/2008–09/29/2013