Research Preparation and Information Gathering

The following is a list of contacts and links to resources that will help you start your research and gather information.

Research and Scholarly Resources at your Fingertips

Literature, Project Registration, Intent to Submit Form

Literature search

Literature search assistance

Intent to submit a grant form
This form is used to identify and allocate resources for grant development. After the form is completed, a pre-award staff member will contact you to begin setting up a timeline and identifying project needs.

Creating and submitting a new study

For new studies submitted for IRB review in ETHOS, researchers will complete a brief smart form, provide a research protocol, and attach any relevant study materials (e.g. recruitment material, consent forms, instruments, brochures).

We recommend that you review the New Submission Checklist before getting started in ETHOS. Protocol templates can be found in the HRPP Toolkit Library.

Apply for IRB approval using ETHOS

The Ethical Oversight Submission System (ETHOS) is the new web-based platform for Institutional Review Board (IRB) submissions. ETHOS is specifically designed to improve the research community’s experience during the IRB application process.

  • Common workspace for the research community to prepare and submit information to the IRB
  • Transparency of review status
  • Significantly expanded reporting capabilities for the IRB and University of Minnesota stakeholders
  • Increased opportunities for integration with other enterprise systems, including Oncore, Sponsored Projects, ULearn, and Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)
  • Transparency among research partners such as Fairview Health Services, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, research teams, and the IRB

Log in to ETHOS using your University of Minnesota x500 ID and password.

Data Collection

All data needs to be on a secure server and/or an encrypted machine.

Biostatistical Design and Analysis Center (BDAC)
BDAC provides statistical and data management support, from study design to final analysis and publication of results.

A HIPAA compliant web application for building and managing surveys and databases.

Used for employee, student, or resident surveys. Qualtrics is the preferred online survey tool of the University of Minnesota.

Research facilitators

A research facilitator is an experienced research staff member that offers faculty support services at most of our clinic sites. They are here to help increase scholarly activity across the entire department.

Learn more and contact a research facilitator