Research Facilitators

Research facilitators are here to help increase scholarly activity across the entire department. They attend residency program research and/or faculty meetings, share and track projects, and are resources for residents and medical students in research.

Services offered by research facilitators

Services offered include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Reference management
  • Searching clinical databases
  • Institutional Review Board navigation and other regulatory needs
  • Identifying resources for research
  • Data collection and analysis assistance
  • Publication resources
  • Access to training services

Contact a research facilitator

Residency programs

  • St. John's / Phalen Village Family Medicine Clinic
    Lea Seaquist, RN,
  • St. Joseph's / Bethesda Family Medicine Clinic
    Sherri Fong, MPH,
  • University of Minnesota Medical Center / Smiley's Family Medicine Clinic
    Lea Seaquist, RN,

Other department programs and areas