Faculty Development

Research Facilitators

A research facilitator is an experienced research staff member that offers faculty onsite support services at most of our clinic sites.

Research facilitators are here to help increase scholarly activity across the entire department. They attend residency program research and/or faculty meetings, share and track projects, and are resources for residents and medical students in research.

Services offered by research facilitators

Services offered include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Reference management
  • Searching clinical databases
  • Institutional Review Board navigation and other regulatory needs
  • Identifying resources for research
  • Data collection and analysis assistance
  • Publication resources
  • Access to training services

Contact a research facilitator

Residency programs

  • St. John's / Phalen Village Family Medicine Clinic
    Lea Seaquist, RN, seaqu002@umn.edu
  • St. Joseph's / Bethesda Family Medicine Clinic
    Sherri Fong, MPH, fong0034@umn.edu
  • University of Minnesota Medical Center / Smiley's Family Medicine Clinic
    Lea Seaquist, RN, seaqu002@umn.edu

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