Finding Collaborators

Developing collaborations and finding collaborators within your clinic, the department, or the greater University of Minnesota community will help advance your scholarly activities and research.

It will also increase your productivity and reduce your work load. This is critical for work-life balance and helps distribute the load of academic life.


Use the following resources to find collaborators:

  • Scholarly Mentoring Program
    Mentoring is an important part of this process. You can connect with potential mentors to find collaborators.
  • Experts@ Minnesota
    A database that profiles of University of Minnesota faculty and staff based upon their affiliations and their publications. It allows you to search for a researcher’s distinctive expertise based on publication history.
  • Manifold
    An online interface that generates profiles and reports of research impact and scholarly output for faculty and departments in the University of Minnesota Medical School. Scanning department faculty publications may allow you to find faculty with similar interests to yours.