Publication and Scholarship Assistance


Assist faculty members with scholarship and publishing issues.

We provide support for:

  • Developing and achieving scholarship and research goals
  • Achieving recognition in the academic setting
  • Individuals with different academic profiles on the continuum of clinical care, teaching pedagogy, research activity, and policy scholarship
  • Achieving a healthy balance in the research and scholarship aspects of academic life

Connect faculty with mentors for scholarship, teaching, and academic research support.

We aim to increase or improve:

  • Scholarly activity of the department faculty
  • Satisfaction with the scholarly aspects of academics and faculty life
  • Publications and presentations
  • National standing and reputation of the department

Services and resources

The mix of research and scholarship will vary among faculty. Some will engage more in research while others more in scholarship. Regardless, our services and resources serve both.

  • Research facilitators
    Experienced research staff members that offer faculty onsite support services at most of our clinic sites

Contact us

If you have more questions, please contact Bill Roberts, MD, MS,

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