How to Get Promoted in Your Track

University of Minnesota Medical School faculty requesting promotion to associate professor or professor across all tracks must submit a dossier which will be voted on at the departmental, collegiate, and university levels.

Family medicine faculty should schedule to meet with the Family Medicine and Community Health Promotion and Tenure Committee for review and consultation to develop a competitive dossier.

Learn more about promotion and tenure at the Medical School


Tips for getting promoted

Track all your work

Keep a log of everything you do that is beyond your everyday practice. Do not rely on your memory at the time of promotion.

Examples of items to track:

  • Grand rounds and invited talks
  • Publications log (peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed)
  • "Grey literature" log - how to capture "grey literature"
  • Studies you participate in even if you are not an author
  • Organizations for which you are a member (volunteer)
  • Letters from students, patients, or parents
  • Keep your teaching evaluations, relative value units, and patient satisfaction ratings
    • Ask for the evaluations when you are a guest speaker
  • Committees you serve on for the department, hospital, or school (volunteer)
  • Journals and study sections for which you serve as a reviewer or editor
    • Your mentor may be able to help you get into the review panel for a journal

Keep your CV updated

Your CV is an important record of who you are in the academic world. It is submitted to the department every year and is used in the department's annual review process and for promotion and tenure.

  • Find and use the CV template for the University of Minnesota Medical School
    • Get formatting support from department administrative staff, Harriet Sands,
  • Use Manifold to update your publications in the proper format.
  • Find the journal impact factor on Open Access Journals or at the individual journal website.
  • Find the article's URL by downloading your publications from Manifold Journal Articles section or click on the "Generate Citations" link
  • List the date your CV was last updated
  • Update your CV as you go - do not rely on your memory at the end of the year

Be a good citizen to the medical school and department

  • Go above and beyond in your teaching and interaction with colleagues
  • Be a collegial team player
  • Be aware of the unwritten criteria:
    • Collegiality
    • Team work
    • Interpersonal skills
  • Faculty are continuously being assessed by the following groups of people:
    • Colleagues
    • Laboratory staff
    • Trainees
    • Patients
    • Nurses and other health care professionals