Collaborative Scholarship Intensive (CSI)


I really loved the course and learned a ton. So glad to learn that this is not just about writing in one's cubicle by oneself.

—What our faculty say

Collaborative Scholarship Intensive (CSI) is a faculty development training program focused on merging the clinical, educational, and research elements that are inherent to being academic faculty.

The program is open to faculty who are highly motivated to integrate more efficient research into their clinical and educational activities. Structured one-on-one work time is built into each session with seasoned writers on hand to guide and instruct participants.

Duration: Six full-day sessions from September to February


  • Developing a research question
  • Writing manuscript sections
  • Selecting a journal
  • Managing co-authorship
  • Using existing data sources
  • Responding to reviewer comments


CSI is designed to help faculty become more knowledgeable and skilled in the following:

  • Partnering with family medicine research resources
  • Managing and completing all components of a research project
  • Writing efficiency
  • Initiating and managing collaborative work with colleagues
  • Mentoring residents, medical students, and junior faculty on research projects
  • Providing and responding to peer reviews
  • Disseminating work through presenting and publishing

Each participant will complete at least two publications as first or last author and compose a scientific poster.


Program coordinator

Kate Grannon, MPH,


Angela Buffington, PhD, MA, 507-385-6500,