UMN Medical Center Residents

First Year: Class of 2020

julie amaonJulie Amaon, MD

Medical school: American University of Antigua
Medical interests: Sexual health, reproductive health
Personal interests: Reading, yoga, hiking, listening to live music, cooking
Why the Twin Cities: I love the live music scene, the farmers markets, foodie scene, outdoor activities, and friendly people. I'm scared to death of the winter as I'm from Texas, but I'm ready to learn the tricks of the trade to surviving it.
Why UMN Medical Center: I was looking for an academic-based program that was exceptional at training family medicine residents.
Career goals: I hope to provide sexual and full spectrum reproductive healthcare with openness and compassion in an underserved area.

alysse cruzAlysse Cruz, MD

Medical school: Ohio State University
Medical interests: LGTBQ Healthcare, full spectrum women’s health, Native American health, hospice and palliative care, adolescent medicine, rural primary care
Personal interests: Special effects makeup/face painting, cupcake decorating, candy making
Why the Twin Cities: This community is filled with the beautiful diversity of Minnesota and multitude of art forms. The Twin Cities also happens to have some of the nicest professional sports fans in all the nation (Go Twins!). And most of all, even though you’re immersed in the city, the outdoors life is still very much a part of the area, be it spending the day on a lake or biking the many miles of trails.
Why UMN Medical Center: It has an outstanding reputation for full spectrum training in a diverse city. Being a native of Minnesota, I knew of the strength of family medicine training in the Midwest, particularly Minnesota. Additionally, the program provided several areas of deeper training, including LGBTQ and women's health.
Career goals: As fairly common among those in family medicine, I have a spectrum of interest. First and foremost is providing for the underserved. Having grown up in a rural area, I hope to one day go back into a small town community to practice. I also hope to be involved with local schools and the community, providing preventive medicine lectures and health topic discussions.

kelsey finnKelsey Finn, DO

Medical school: Des Moines University
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, global health, women's health, osteopathic manipulative medicine
Personal interests: I love to do anything outdoors, whether that is hiking, running, swimming, surfing, or stand up paddle boarding. Photography is also important to me as it helps balance my busy world of science with art. I particularly love underwater photography!
Why the Twin Cities: My favorite thing about the Twin Cities is the diversity and culture. I love the wide assortment of food as well as the different music and art events. I am excited to finally live in the Twin Cities because the diversity reminds me of my home, Hawaii.
Why UMN Medical Center: I was drawn to it for many reasons, but the most important being the community of patients, residents, staff, and faculty. I truly felt the entire program's 'ohana was welcoming to anyone and everyone. The diversity that exists here is inspiring.
Career goals: I hope to be a primary care physician in an outpatient setting, providing care to patients in urban, underserved regions. I also hope to incorporate my love of global health into every day practice by caring for immigrants and patients of diverse cultural backgrounds. Women's health is another passion of mine, and I wish to continue be an advocate for women and their health. 

joe macdonaldJoe MacDonald, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, sports medicine, procedures
Personal interests: Playing and coaching hockey, fishing, camping, hiking
Why the Twin Cities: It's home to me. I love the abundance of outdoor activities, dining options, people, and ability to bike most places.
Why the UMN Medical Center: I had the opportunity to get to know some of the people during the application process and knew that this was where I’d like to continue my training.
Career goals: I have many interests from procedures to preventative care and am excited for the breadth that family medicine can provide.

justin pennyJustin Penny, DO

Medical school: Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences
Medical interests: LGBT medicine, HIV primary care, HIV prevention, hospice and palliative care
Personal interests: Volleyball, traveling, classical studies, NCAA basketball, fine arts
Why the Twin Cities: I'm excited to explore a new city and discover the hidden gems in the community. I can't wait to discover my favorite restaurants in each food genre and make memories with my new friends and colleagues.
Why UMN Medical Center: The welcoming community that fit my goals and values, in addition to the excellent training opportunities, especially in LGBT primary care.
Career goals: I am very involved in patient advocacy at the state and national level. I hope to serve on ethics committees in my future. I hope to provide primary care to underserved populations, specifically to the LGBT population.

betsy roweBetsy Rowe, DO, MA

Medical school: Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences
Medical interests: I love multigenerational family care, but I have a special love for any medical situation that can be uncomfortable or ethically difficult. That makes me sound like a weirdo, but I actually feel most empathetically connected to patients when we are working together on delicate issues. Examples of this would include end-of-life care/hospice, gender congruence, and teen sexual education. My own struggles with these issues led me to pursue a master's degree in medical ethics, and because of my focused study, I feel eager to provide patients with sensitive and compassionate care during complex times.
Why the Twin Cities: What's not to love? It is a cool climate next door to Canada. The city is ethnically diverse and politically liberal. There is a strong local ethos of outdoor physical activity and conservation of resources and green spaces. There is a strong free public charter school system. Public transportation seems very functional. Local politics are vibrant and participatory. There is a large and well-funded public library system.
Why UMN Medical Center: The amazing personalities of the program's faculty and residents were how I knew that I had found "my people."
Career goals: I would like to be a doctor. No, but seriously, I am very open to different types of practices. I like the ideas of both private practice and concierge medicine, but my concern for underserved populations makes me unlikely to pursue them. I love capacitated care models, but the current U.S. medical-economic situation makes it difficult. I think that there is a better way to practice and finance medical care, but we as a society have yet to find it.


Left to right: Betsy Rowe, DO, MA, Kelsey Finn, DO, Justin Penny, DO,
Alysse Cruz, MD, Joe MacDonald, MD, Julie Amaon, MD

Second Year: Class of 2019

temur chowdhuryTemur Chowdhury, MBBS

Medical school: Shandong University
Personal interests: Outdoor activities, cooking, exercising, car mechanics (enthusiast), sports (basketball and soccer)
Why the Twin Cities: Small town feel in a metropolitan city
Why UMN Medical Center: The atmosphere in Minnesota is incredible. When I visited Minnesota, I truly felt welcomed. Although Minneapolis is a metropolitan city, it still has a small town feel, which allows for a sense of intimacy you can appreciate with a new location. Apart from the winters (from what I have been told), it is a beautiful and well-maintained city where we become forced to step outside on a day off from work. Great way to remain active given the extensive bicycle trails.
Career goals: Genuinely become a well-rounded physician with wide range of training extending from pediatric care to geriatric care. I enjoy creating an extensive relationship with patients to be able to truly make a difference in their lives. I want to educate the community one patient at a time.

Marshall ClydeMarshall Clyde, MD

Medical school: American University of Antigua
Medical interests: Patient care, office procedures
Personal interests: Fly fishing, fly tying, golf, bowling, skiing, scuba diving, watching movies, binge watching TV shows on Netflix, photography, traveling
Why the Twin Cities: Minnesota seems to be home to some of the friendliest people I have met. The Twin Cities seem like a great place to raise a family. There are abundant outdoor activities while also providing the amenities of a metropolitan area.
Why UMN Medical Center: I loved the the friendly people, the emphasis placed on the team approach, and the impressive facilities.
Career goals: I would love to start a practice in a rural mountain area out West and take care of patients of all ages.

Daniel-JohnsonDaniel Johnson, DO

Medical school: Des Moines University
Medical interests: Preventative medicine, depression, suicide prevention, musculoskeletal medicine, joint injection, office-based procedures
Personal interests: Fishing, camping, running, and watching sports
Why the Twin Cities: It is such an incredible place to live. The Twin Cities have more opportunities for recreation than any place I have ever lived, and it is a great place to raise a family. Since I love to fish, I especially enjoy having so many lakes and rivers nearby.
Why UMN Medical Center: The people! Everyone from the program director, program administrator, residents, and clinic staff had an obvious passion for family medicine and the program itself.
Career goals: My goal is to become the best family doctor I can! I want to develop a robust outpatient family medicine practice and care for newborns to the elderly. I am very interested in preventing disease through exercise, screening, and vaccination.

Nicole KilbyNicole Kilby, DO

Medical school: Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, women's health, behavioral health, pediatrics, OB, osteopathic manipulative medicine, rural medicine
Personal interests: Boating on Lake Minnetonka, spending time with my family and son, walking on scenic trails, camping, ice fishing, movies, traveling
Why the Twin Cities: Nearby family, numerous outdoor activities like bike and walking trails, cultural diversity, friendly and welcoming people, beautiful lakes
Why UMN Medical Center: The strong family environment in the program and the welcoming faculty and residents. The curriculum is appealing with a focus on OB and sports medicine. Working at the premier patient-centered health care home at Smiley's Family Medicine Clinic. Ethnically diverse patient population.
Career goals: My career goals include being a prominent family physician in a small rural community near my hometown in Minnesota. I want to provide full spectrum family medicine including OB and pediatric care.

David PeterDavid Peter, MD, MPH

Medical school: St. George's University
Medical interests: Behavioral health, addiction treatment
Personal interests: Anything outdoors from sailing to camping to tennis to snowboarding. Horrible musician, but I entertain myself playing guitar and started taking vocal lessons to improve my karaoke skills.
Why the Twin Cities: Enthusiasm of the people, love for outdoor activities
Why UMN Medical Center: Progressive outlook on both patient care and team-based systems. Quality improvement initiatives and inclusion of behavioral health within clinic setting. Strong research university and a true family-centered medicine program.
Career goals: Unsure what form my practice will take. I have a strong interest in behavioral health and addiction treatment as well as general practice.

Sharondeep ToorSharondeep "Sharon" Toor, MD

Medical school: St. George's University
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine
Personal interests: Playing and watching sports, hiking and various other outdoor activities, reading
Why the Twin Cities: The nature
Why UMN Medical Center: I was drawn in by the location, the residents and staff, and the program specifics. Everyone was very welcoming during my interview, and I knew right away this was a right fit for me to complete my training.
Career goals: I want to work in an outpatient setting, currently planning to work as a full spectrum family physician, and gradually work to open my own clinic.

Third Year: Class of 2018

Jennifer BrownJennifer Brown, MD

Medical school: University of Texas
Medical interests: Women's health, family planning, hospital medicine, integrative medicine, palliative care
Personal interests: Bicycling, swimming, traveling, reading, playing piano
Why the Twin Cities: The lakes, bike paths, and parks initially drew me to the area. The urban progressive setting, arts and cultural diversity were also reasons.
Why UMN Medical Center: The training opportunities in women's health and global health initally drew me to this program. The faculty was exceptionally warm and supportive when I visited, and I felt this was a place I would grow professionally.

kriti choudhary photo taken in june 2017 Kriti Choudhary, MBBS, MPH

Medical school: Pt. B.D. Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences
Personal interests: Hang out with my friends, listen to indie/folk music, going on "foodie" adventures
Why the Twin Cities: The friendly people, scenic parks and lakes, diversity in food from different cultures, amazing bakeries and breweries.
Why UMN Medical Center: The diverse patient population that the clinic serves. The prospect of caring for patients with such different, varying cultural backgrounds is challenging and absolutely exciting. This aligned perfectly with my personal career goals. The faculty is very supportive and encouraging, and the residents are fun. There is a strong sense of belonging to the UMN Medical Center family!

Andrea LarsonAndrea "Anna" Larson, DO

Medical school: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Medical interests: LGBTQ and intersex health care, underserved populations, preventive health, integrative medicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine
Personal interests: Walks in the park, kayaking, soccer, traveling, photography, watching "Modern Family"
Why the Twin Cities: I love the culture, food, lakes, parks, and the friendly atmosphere.
Why UMN Medical Center: I met some of the residents and faculty at the AAFP National Conference in Kansas City and loved them. When I rotated at UMN Medical Center, I felt right at home.

Nzube "Zube" Okonkwo, Nzube "Zube" Okonkwo, MD

Medical school: Windsor University School of Medicine
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, international medicine, palliative medicine, end-of-life care
Personal interests: Running, soccer, reading, cooking
Why the Twin Cities: The environment, diverse population, and cultural diversity.
Why UMN Medical Center: The diverse patient population, excellent curriculum, the research opportunities, and the camaraderie among residents, faculty, and staff. Also, I love the Midwest, and UMN Medical Center's location makes it ideal because I have family and friends in the area.

Elizabeth PriceElizabeth Price, MD

Medical school: St. George's University
Medical interests: Endocrinology and nephrology in adults and children, hypertension and diabetes management
Personal interests: Some say my hobby would be constant organizing (which I do love to do), sewing, crafts, biking, swimming, snowboarding, walking around the lakes with my son
Why the Twin Cities: I love that it's a diverse, urban city with so many green spaces to enjoy. Lakes and trials are great. There is so much music, theater, great food, and craft brews to experience.
Why UMN Medical Center: The people who are part of this program. It's also a great academic community program dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare.

alexandra tsvilina taken in june 2017Alexandra Tsvilina, MD, PhD

Medical school: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, women's health, OB, reproductive medicine, adolescent medicine, preventive medicine, office procedures
Why UMN Medical Center: The wonderful people I met during interviews, the focus on improving primary care, and the strong reputation of the program in the Twin Cities area as a high quality, full spectrum family medicine residency.




Left to right: Jennifer Brown, MD, Elizabeth Price, MD, Alexandra Tsvilina, MD, PhD,
Anna Larson, DO, Kriti Choudhary, MBBS, MPH,  Zube Okonkwo, MD


Alumni statistics:

  • Of all residents who graduate from our program, 88% enter practice, while 12% attend fellowships.
  • Our board pass rate has been 100% for the past 5 years (national average is 94.3%).
  • After completing training, alumni go on to practice across the United States and Canada.
  • 100% focus on primary care.
  • Our 2014 graduates (as reported by the 2017 ABFM Graduate Survey) report:
    • 67% outpatient
    • 33% inpatient
    • 0% OB
  • Our 2013 graduates (as reported by the 2016 ABFM Graduate Survey) report:
    • 100% outpatient
    • 25% inpatient
    • 25% completed fellowship
    • 25% OB
  • Our resident groups are racially and culturally diverse - 56% Asian, 22% White, 12% Two or more races, and 10% Black/African American.

Below are our graduates of the last five years, including their current city of practice.  



Kemi Ajibade, MD
Denville, NJ


Naima Ali, MD
Faribault, MN


Richard Brown, DO
Minneapolis, MN


Arlene Rillo, MD, RN
Las Vegas, NV


Maui Sayed, MD
Mankato, MN


Ayman Srajeldin, MD, ND
Hamilton, Ontario - Canada



Maleeha Faisal, MBBS
Fridley, MN


Amanda Hinrichs, DO
Minneapolis, MN


Sean Schulz, DO
Sandy, OR


Sonny Singh, MD
Las Vegas, NV


Laurie Townsend, MD
Waconia, MN


Sufian Zayed, MD



Naveen Kumar Anantha, MBBS
Amory, MS


Karen Borchert, MD
Minneapolis, MN


Deqa Mohamed, MBBS
Minneapolis, MN


Noor Qureshi, MBBS
Sacramento, CA


Jaskiran Sandhu, MBBS
Milwaukee, WI


Adalberto Torres, MD
Houston, TX



Carrie Eckstam, DO
Bloomington, MN


Jibril Elabe, MD
Owatanna, MN


Liban Farah, MD
Minneapolis, MN


Amanda Mayer, MD
Minneapolis, MN


Rashmi Narayana, MBBS
Redwood City, CA


Gaurav Nigam, MBBS
Ann Arbor, MI


Sandhita Saha, MBBS
Arden Hills, MN




Nadia Arshad, MBBS
Wilmington, DE


Mike Pipestone, MD
Bethlehem, PA


Ghazal Sinha, MBBS
Bronx, NY


Marco Valencia, MD
Tualatin, OR


King Chung Yam, MD
Toronto, Ontario - Canada