St. Joseph's Electives

The parental newborn elective gave me a perfect balance of being a parent with a newborn and spending time in clinic.


Teresa Divine, MD, with her baby

Residents choose from a variety of electives, including:

  • Hazelden chemical dependency treatment program
  • International Diabetes Center
  • International medicine in Afghanistan, Africa, India, and Guatemala
  • Parental newborn elective, allowing new parents to have additional time at home
  • Sports medicine, including team physician and sideline opportunities at a local high school

Other electives have included pharmacotherapy, endocrinology, rheumatology, nephrology, radiology, oncology, geriatrics, GI, and high risk OB.

Global Family Medicine

Global Family Medicine is an elective curricular experience where residents participate in structured international experiences to gain the skills and knowledge to care for our global citizens and communities.