Our Residents

First Year: Class of 2020

cameron blegenCam Blegen, MD

Medical school: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Medical interests: Outpatient Medicine, sports medicine, preventative medicine
Personal interests: Traveling and exploring the outdoors with my wife, Maggie, spending time with family and friends, running, skiing, golf, wine, and cheering on the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers!
Why St. John’s: It is an unopposed residency program at a community hospital with the resources and support of a university, which is a leader in family medicine. Above all though, everybody at the program is really happy and passionate about what they do!
Career goals: I look forward to treating patients of all ages and stages of life in my future family medicine practice!

kayla harrisKayla Harris, DO

Medical school: Des Moines University
Medical Interests: Full spectrum family medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, sports medicine, preventative medicine
Personal interests: Hiking, camping, playing and watching hockey, fishing, cooking, exploring new restaurants, and traveling
Why St. John’s: I chose St. John’s not only for the strong reputation it has in the community, but also because the faculty, staff, and fellow residents provide the perfect blend of guidance and autonomy. In addition, I very much wanted to find a residency close to home; I am incredibly happy to be returning to the Twin Cities.
Career goals: I see myself working in a rural community practicing full spectrum family medicine. I would love to be a team physician for local sports teams or high schools as well.

luke leblancLuke Leblanc, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency medicine, wilderness medicine, ultrasound
Personal interests: Running, road biking, volleyball, racquetball, backpacking, cooking
Why St. John's: I chose St. John's for three reasons: 1) The faculty created a positive learning environment with a combination of friendly demeanors, but serious focus on didactics and on-the-spot learning. 2) The program's unopposed status, with an emphasis on flexibility in your learning, made me confident that I would receive excellent training in the variety of skills I would need as a family physician. 3) I received multiple recommendations for the program from previous University of Minnesota medical students who I dearly trusted. These glowing reviews sealed the deal for me!
Career goals: Work in a rural area surrounding the Twin Cities practicing clinic, obstetrics, pediatrics, and emergency medicine as a full spectrum family physician.

justin meyersJustin Meyers, MD

Medical school: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Medical Interests: Full spectrum family medicine, sports medicine, procedures
Personal interests: Swim, bike, run, pretty much anything outdoors, and playing with puppies while I’m too busy to have my own!
Why St. John’s: I applied based on the recommendation of a couple mentors and their amazing experiences here in regard to the ability to work with underserved populations and flexibility of elective time. Interviewing with the residents and faculty also seemed more like a family than co-workers. Being a die-hard Packer/Badger/Brewer fan, it was a little hard to cross over, but I’m sure I can talk the rest of the family in to rooting for the right teams.
Career goals: Full spectrum family medicine, but unsure where I’ll end up geographically. Loved spending time in the Pacific Northwest, but most family is in the Midwest, so we will see!

benjamin rosensteinBen Rosenstein, MD, MA

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Palliative medicine, geriatrics, procedures and ultrasound, women's health, public health and policy, medical ethics
Personal interests: Biking (mountain and road), cooking, baking, coffee (yes, it's a hobby), playing violin, gardening
Why St. John's: I struggled when looking at programs as I wanted the public health and community aspects of very urban programs, but the independence and full-spectrum emphasis of very rural programs. I found St. John's to fit that gap with a clinic in an urban city and a hospital that serves the city as well as the more rural areas of north and eastern Minnesota. I also had a great interview day and connected with the residents immediately. I was attracted to the call schedule being Q-based with house responsibilities, allowing me to keep all my OB and inpatient skills in practice regardless of what rotation I am on. I feel St. John's will prepare me to practice anywhere and gain all the capabilities I wish to have, be it clinic, inpatient, emergency and critical care, to their fullest potential.
Career goals: Still figuring this out. I continue to heavily consider (dual?) fellowship in palliative care and/or geriatrics. Though, I like so many aspects of medicine, I'm not sure I want to limit myself to those areas. I would like to practice inpatient and outpatient regardless. I also would like to stay in the area, possibly move to a smaller place like Stillwater for more independence, or stay in the Twin Cities if I find a good fit. 

haley stewartHaley Stewart, DO

Medical school: Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, OB, women’s health, adolescent medicine
Personal interests: Proud cat mom, napping enthusiast, lake lover, avid DIY’er
Why St. John's: I felt an instant and effortless connection with the residents and staff on interview day. Everyone seemed eager to learn and happy to be a part of the team. It was apparent St. John’s provided a space in which everyone involved, especially residents, are empowered to build a strong knowledge base and become lifelong learners. I felt as though this community was where I needed to be; I found "my people.”
Career goals: I’m hoping to practice full scope family medicine in the Twin Cities metro.

Second Year: Class of 2019

Portrait of Molly AndersonMolly Anderson, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, OB, peds/adolescents, sports medicine, geriatrics, preventative medicine
Personal interests: Running, biking, hiking, really anything outdoors, reading a good book
Why St. John's: I chose St. John's mostly because I was so impressed with their residents' ability to comfortably handle many different medical situations. They were the kind of residents I wanted to become. The resident-faculty relationship was very healthy and well-balanced between autonomy and guidance. The entire hospital staff was very warm and genuinely cared about each other. The location of the hospital and clinic is out of the downtown areas, which made it feel very inviting and home-like. Overall, it is the ideal place for me to become confident in my skills as a young family medicine physician, while being in the company of caring co-residents and staff that I can easily relate with.
Career goals: Live in a rural community where I am able to practice full spectrum family medicine, yet have enough resources to effectively provide care to my patients.

Portrait of D.J. Fahey-AhrndtD.J. Fahey-Ahrndt, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, sports medicine, preventative medicine, palliative care
Personal interests: Ultimate Frisbee and card games, grilling out, and camping. I love spending time with my wife, walking our dog, Sadie, making our own wine, and traveling.
Why St. John's: The faculty are approachable, willing to teach, and offer wonderful expertise in both the full scope of family practice, as well as specialized areas of medicine that I'm interested in (sports medicine, preventative medicine, etc.) The residents are all very friendly and passionate both about their own learning and providing excellent care to their patients. I am very thankful to be a resident at St. John's
Career goals: Practice primary care, likely in a suburb of the Twin Cities or western Minnesota. After residency, I may also pursue a sports medicine fellowship and act as a team physician for local high school sporting events within my community.

Portrait of Lorelii LewisLorelii Lewis, MD

Medical school: Loma Linda University
Medical interests: Lifestyle medicine, community medicine and public health, obstetrics
Personal interests: Being outdoors with my family, taking my dog to the park, riding horses, reading a good fantasy novel
Why St. John's: I was very impressed by the strength and quality of St. John's Hospital training as well as community involvement through Phalen Village Family Medicine Clinic. I love the Twin Cities and am excited to be returning home.
Career goals: Work in an underserved area, possibly rural Minnesota. Yet to be determined.

Portrait of Tony NguyenTony Nguyen, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, preventative medicine, minor procedure, medical education
Personal interests: Fishing and exploring smaller lakes throughout Minnesota, camping, hiking, biking, snowboarding
Why St. John's: I chose St. John because it felt like a second home. The faculty, residents, and staff are very passionate about what they do and what they can offer to their communities. St. John had everything I was looking for in a residency, including residents who love their work, plenty of opportunities to work in different areas of family medicine, and support from a caring community.
Career goals: Practice full spectrum family medicine with some aspect of medical teaching. I see myself living in rural Minnesota, practicing in a smaller community and becoming a part of their families.

Portrait of Heidi NicholHeidi Nichol, MD, MPH

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Preventive medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, global health
Personal interests: I spend as much time as possible with my husband and my toddler son. We enjoy walking and running outside, playing games, artistic endeavors, and visiting family.
Why St. John's: At the recommendation of a close friend, I rotated at St. John's as a medical student and felt right at home. I found friendly residents who valued family life, supportive faculty who focused on evidence-based practices, and a community hospital and clinic where I could serve patients from all stages and walks of life. I knew that it would be an ideal learning environment for me and that it would provide me with the tools and experience for a responsible and well-balanced career in family medicine.
Career goals: Practice full spectrum family medicine in rural Minnesota, to serve overseas, and to integrate teaching into all that I do.

Third Year: Class of 2018

Portrait of Erica Bowen, DOErica Bowen, DO

Medical school: Des Moines University
Medial interests: Full spectrum family medicine, OB, women's health, preventive medicine, procedures
Why St. John's: It stands out as a program with friendly, happy, supportive, hard-working residents and faculty. The OB rotation is very strong. Call is a longitudinal experience, so I can continue delivering babies and developing my inpatient knowledge base throughout residency. I feel that I will be happy and thrive during residency, and be well prepared to practice full spectrum family medicine. I love working with my fellow residents and am very thankful to have the opportunity to train at St. John's.
Career goals: Practice full spectrum family medicine

Portrait of Paul DixonPaul Dixon, MD

Medical school: Dartmouth College
Medical interests: Infectious disease, working with underserved populations
Personal interests: Spending time with my wife and daughter, gardening, running, cooking, woodworking
Why St. John's: The people. It’s a privilege to get to work with the faculty and other residents here. The clinic staff are all very committed to our patients and the local community.
Career goals: Practice primary care. Eventually, I would like to work internationally.

Portrait of Thomas HaroldsonThomas Haroldson, MD

Medical school: University at Buffalo
Medical interests: Sports medicine, OB
Why St. John's: I felt St. John's was the best program to deliver excellent training for me, especially in the two areas I had the greatest interest in: sports medicine and obstetrics. Furthermore, I felt the residents were the strongest strength of the program, and I felt right at home on my interview day (and still do now that I'm here).
Career goals: I am focusing on applying for a sports medicine fellowship. The faculty as well as supporting clinics and local high schools provide ample exposure and experience in this field. I plan on practicing in the Twin Cities after fellowship, splitting my time between a full spectrum clinic and a sports medicine clinic.

Portrait of Misbah PallaMisbah Palla, MD

Medical school: Medical College of Wisconsin
Medical interests: Inpatient medicine, urgent care
Why St. Johns: Supportive faculty, friendly residents, and robust inpatient program
Career goals: Do hospitalist medicine and/or urgent care

Portrait of Jennifer SvendsenJennifer Svendsen, MD

Medical school: University of Iowa
Medical interests: Preventative medicine (motivational interviewing for achieving lifestyle change), women's health and maternity care, outpatient medicine
Personal interests: Spending time with my husband, Mike, and our clever and ever curious daughter and newborn son, visiting family, hanging out with our 16 nieces and nephews, and going to the lake cabin. I also enjoy planning events of various types such as appetizer parties, showers, game nights, etc.
Why St. John's: It is such a close-knit group of residents and faculty, and everyone knows the consultants, clinic staff, and nurses by name. There's something to be said for a warm hello, and it is infectious. I was impressed with the quality, rigor, and challenge of educational opportunities that are available, especially with the longitudinal call system. I am truly amazed at the complexity and diversity of our patients, their cultures, and the particular needs that are represented. Also, St. John's is super family friendly—kids, significant others, siblings, and pets are invited to every social event.
Career goals: I will be working at the HealthEast Clinic - Tamarack in Woodbury, Minnesota after residency, doing outpaitent medicine with OB. I also see myself getting more involved in community health and wellness programming.

Portrait of Justine TrummJustine Trumm, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: OB, pediatrics, mental health, rural health
Why St. John's: I am extremely impressed with the hospital, program, and people. I feel welcomed despite never having completed a rotation here as a medical student. I also wanted to stay near family, friends, and godchildren. I feel that St. John's will provide me with excellent training, especially in my areas of interest.
Career goals: Somewhat unclear at this time as my fiancé is planning on a rheumatology fellowship. Will likely to stay in the Twin Cities for a few years and then move to rural Minnesota (possibly to hometown of Alexandria).