St. John's Call

As an intern, you are never alone. There is always someone ready to help.
—Jeremy Peterson, MD, former resident

St. John's handles call differently than most programs.

  • Weekday house officer responsibilities are assigned to a second- or third-year resident on a core rotation.
  • Residents develop the call schedule.


  • With few exceptions, rotations end at 5 pm and do not extend into the evening or weekend.
  • If not on call, residents generally have evenings and weekends free.
  • After-hours call is typically 1 in 5-6 nights for first-year residents, and 1 in 12 weekdays and 1 in 6 weekends for second- and third-year residents.
  • No night float.

Short/long call

We use a short/long call system for first-year residents, minimizing lost learning opportunities by keeping residents in the hospital when the most supervision and teaching capacity is in place. Overnight call experiences occur on weekends and holidays.

Short call: Monday-Thursday's call team consists of one first-year and one senior resident until 10 pm. At 10 pm, the first-year resident leaves the hospital and the senior resident assumes responsibility for admissions and patient care.

Long call: Friday-Sunday's call team consists of one first-year and one senior resident, both responsible for patient care responsibilities.

When on call, residents practice full spectrum family medicine, with appropriate backup, including deliveries, admissions, and hospital rounding.