North Memorial Residents

First Year: Class of 2021

headshotMelissa Belec, DO, MPH

Medical School: Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine
Medical Interests: community health, women's health, diabetes and chronic disease management, mental health, preventative health, social justice in medicine, public health, health policy and advocacy, global health
Personal Interests: rock climbing, kayaking, community gardens, backpacking, reading, traveling
Why North Memorial: Exceptional involvement to the community, supportive faculty and residents who are great teachers and great people, commitment to understanding and addressing social determinants of health at every level (including policy), university associated research opportunities and connections, well-rounded training

headshotToni Dick, MD

Medical School: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Underserved medicine - both urban and rural, sexual health and wellbeing, HIV medicine, prison medicine, addiction medicine, dermatology and procedures, sleep medicine
Personal interests: Spending time with my husband, cooking new recipes using ingredients from around the world, backpacking with goal to visit all the national parks, vegetable and herb gardening, various crafts including sewing, crocheting, and scrapbooking.
Why North Memorial: Truly passionate faculty and staff committed to caring for their underserved community, well rounded training program with diverse learning opportunities, elective longitudinal tracks, and full spectrum inpatient service, and the chance to learn so much and grow with the diverse patient population in North Minneapolis. 

headshotEvan Eide, MD

Medical School: University of Minnesota
Medical Interests: Preventive and social medicine, community health and engagement, sports medicine, mental health, addiction, health policy & advocacy, and broad-spectrum family medicine.
Personal Interests: Reading, basketball, travel, hiking, trying out area breweries and coffee shops, games of all kinds (card, board, video, outdoor, etc.), TV/movies, skiing, attempting to grow bonsai trees, and general tomfoolery.
Why North Memorial: The well-balanced expertise of faculty positions residents to be successful in all areas and to dive deeper into areas of their choosing. In addition to the comprehensive nature of training, the faculty and residents are deeply committed to making a positive impact in their patients, communities, and beyond. The program emphasizes community engagement and understanding the broader context that shapes patients' health. There is plenty of collaboration across disciplines, and the working environment is both genial and collegial.

headshotMolly Gruber, DO

Medical School: Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Medical Interests: Sports medicine, preventative health and wellness, community health, mental health, addiction medicine, osteopathic manual medicine, integrative medicine
Personal Interests: Watching and playing sports, remaining cautiously optimistic about Minnesota sports teams, hiking, reading, fitness, meeting new dogs and hanging out with dogs I’ve already met, watching documentaries, travel, exploring
Why North Memorial: I chose North because of the opportunities in sports medicine and osteopathic medicine, the abundant elective time, and the culture of the program. Faculty and support staff are willing to teach and challenge you to grow as a physician while supporting you along the way. There is a genuine sense of community in this program and the care they have for the greater community of North Minneapolis is ultimately what helped me know this was a program I wanted to be a part of. 

headshotRose Marie Leslie, MD

Medical School: University of Minnesota
Medical Interests: Underserved medicine, health education, adolescent health, women’s health, reproductive health, procedures, community engagement, local activism and policy.
Personal Interests: Live/local music, weightlifting, gardening, travel, cooking, trying restaurants around town, hiking with my significant other and dog
Why North Memorial: The opportunity work at a program with a strong commitment to community engagement, social justice, and care for underserved patient populations. Rigorous, unopposed, full spectrum training. Staff/faculty that deeply care about resident development and growth, both personally and professionally 

headshotMichaela McCuddy, MD

Medical School: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Medical Interests: Maternal and child health, comprehensive women's health, community development, international medicine and collaboration, Spanish speaking and immigrant health, rural medicine, complementary and alternative medicine.
Personal Interests: All forms of cycling (commuting, touring, mountain biking), kayaking, swimming, surfing, traveling, gardening, cooking, carpentry
Why North Memorial: The opportunity to work with faculty, staff and residents that have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the community that they serve. Strong clinical training, both inpatient and outpatient, with excellent learning opportunities in obstetrics and women's health. The breadth of training to prepare me for both urban and rural settings and an incredible amount of elective time to tailor my training to my specific interests.  

headshotJames Smith, MD, MPH

Medical School: University of Illinois Chicago in Peoria
Medical Interests: Adolescent medicine, sports medicine, immigrant health, health advocacy and policy, public health, childhood obesity
Personal Interests: Movies/TV, board games, volleyball, walking my dog and listening to audiobooks, exploring restaurants/breweries
Why north: Good inpatient training including level 1 trauma center. Intentional work in the community. Faculty that are involved in variety of organizations. Elective time that will allow me to explore areas of interest.

headshotPaul Stadem, MD

Medical School: Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
Medical Interests: Full spectrum family medicine, mental health, geriatrics, underserved medicine, public health, health policy, among others!
Personal Interests: Hiking, camping, dodgeball, golfing, dogs, ice cream
Why North Memorial: I found this program to be strong in purposeful community engagement, academic medicine, and health policy/advocacy. The faculty have diverse interests and are engaged in local, state, and national organizations to continue to advocate for family medicine and primary care. This is a place that will both support and challenge me, and I will have some fun along the way.

Second Year: Class of 2020

lucas boyle

Lucas Boyle, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Motivational interviewing, community and environmental health, addiction medicine, group visits, outpatient medicine, exercise medicine, maternal and child health, medical Spanish, education
Personal interests: Gardening, biking, running, puns, kayaking, Spanish, donuts
Why North Memorial: Because of the program's intentional design on producing purpose-driven family medicine doctors. Everything from feedback format to supportive scholarly work is designed to produce expert physicians who focus on making patients' lives better. They also know the secret ingredient to making master physicians lies in connection to the community.

nailah cash-o'bannonNailah Cash-O'Bannon, MD

Medical school: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Medical interests: Underserved medicine specifically LGBT and urban health, women's health, OB, community medicine and development, complementary or alternative medicine, full spectrum family medicine
Personal interests: Reading, traveling, watching movies or TV, swimming, high intensity interval training, eating delicious ethnic foods
Why North Memorial: I wanted to train at a program with strong community ties and involvement. North Memorial is made up of staff and providers that are extremely caring and social justice-minded. I feel the leadership is interested in developing me as a physician and a person. I love the dedication to providing excellent patient care and consistently improving the education and experience provided to residents. 

anne doeringAnne Doering, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Women's health and family planning, addiction medicine, mental health, LGBTQ health, palliative care, community health, underserved medicine including refugee and immigrant health, nutrition and promotion of wellness, health policy and advocacy
Personal interests: Running, biking, yoga, hiking, cross country skiing, cooking and eating new foods, shopping at farmers markets, traveling, exploring Minneapolis, caring for more than 20 houseplants, spending time with my husband
Why North Memorial: High-quality inpatient training and opportunities in obstetrics, combined with excellent outpatient training, all while serving a challenging and rewarding patient population. Residents and faculty who are truly invested in and passionate about caring for the community in a humble and compassionate way. Inspiring and approachable faculty and staff who provide extraordinary support while encouraging residents to continually learn and to provide patients with the best possible care.

lee haggenjosLee Haggenjos, MD

Medical school: Northwestern University
Medical interests: Underserved medicine, Spanish speaking and immigrant health, obstetrics, inpatient/procedural medicine, advocacy and health policy, community health
Personal interests: Music of any type, classical/electric guitar, family get-togethers, biking, exploring Minneapolis, breweries, new restaurants, travel
Why North Memorial: Truly unique combination of mission-driven and committed social justice for underserved populations and community advocacy combined with rigorous full spectrum inpatient, obstetric, and outpatient training. Remarkably dedicated faculty with diverse interests. Fantastic collaboration with teaching and interprofessional learning, including behavioral health and communication skills, support to pursue interests outside clinical medicine, and diverse and fun colleagues and environment.

jen leeJen Lee, MD

Medical school: University of California, San Francisco
Medical interests: Community medicine, health and social justice, patient-provider communication, behavioral health
Personal interests: Yoga, swimming, spending time outdoors, construction, painting, ukulele, pondering toxic cultural norms that promote cruelty and mental illness and how to counter them
Why North Memorial: I chose North Memorial because of the incredibly thoughtful and deliberate approach they take towards nurturing people regardless of their social standing (e.g., patients, non-physician staff, residents, faculty, etc.). They are all expected to be real human beings who need help to grow and be well. I wanted to be in a place that not only spoke about interconnectedness, community, and wholeness, but a place that iteratively and obsessively asks and acts to realize its mission in everything it does. At the same time, I wanted to be at a place that would offer me exceptional medical training, structured formalized didactics, and additional opportunities to work directly with a diverse and underserved community outside of the clinic.

ebi okahEbiere Okah, MD

Medical school: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Medical interests: Women's health, family planning, integrative medicine, urban underserved medicine, health policy and advocacy, health systems, healthcare delivery innovation
Personal interests: Travel, politics, crafting, meditation and wellness, crochet, reading, brunch
Why North Memorial: The knowledge and respect the clinicians have for North Minneapolis, the supportive and structured learning environment, faculty attuned to the need for a diverse physician workforce, the opportunity to serve black patients, the friendly and welcoming residents and faculty, the opportunity to work in a primarily unopposed environment, the emphasis on resident education and well-rounded training.

laura robitschekLaura Robitschek, DO

Medical school: Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Medical interests: Preventative health, patient health education, chronic disease management, underserved medicine, team-based care, integrative medicine, geriatrics and palliative medicine
Personal interests: Reading (especially murder mysteries), cooking and trying new recipes, going on walks in my neighborhood, going up to Northern Minnesota to hunt for agates with my dad, exploring local coffee shops, breweries, and restaurants with my husband and our friends
Why North Memorial: Brilliant faculty who are dedicated to patient-centered care and resident development, strong curriculum and ample elective time, emphasis on underserved and community medicine, outstanding team-based care approach.

katie swansonKatie Swanson, DO

Medical school: Des Moines University
Medical interests: Maternal and child health, evidence-based maternity care, policy/advocacy, community medicine, social determinants of health, patient communication/empowerment, LGBTQ health, immigrant/refugee health, health care disparities, sports medicine, palliative medicine, osteopathic manual medicine, reproductive medicine, academic medicine, integrative medicine, and too many more to list
Personal interests: Adventuring with my husband and daughter, camping, being in the woods, canoeing/kayaking, running, rock climbing, summer music in the parks, commuter biking, yoga, reading, gardening, skiing, dabbling in various crafts, thrifting
Why North Memorial: Genuine residents and faculty who are people first and doctors second. A culture of compassion, excellence, and humility where difficult situations are seen as opportunities for growth, and we are encouraged to struggle honestly. Diverse backgrounds of residents and faculty. People are simply kind to one another—and funny!

Third Year: Class of 2019

christopher childs photo taken in 2016Christopher Childs, MD, MPH

Medical school: University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine
Medical interests: Rural health and underserved medicine; high risk and surgical obstetrics; complex medical illness, inpatient and critical care medicine; ED and procedural care; point of care ultrasound training and curricular development. Medical education. Continuous, comprehensive personal medical care throughout the life cycle.
Personal interests: Team sports, running, biking, weight lifting, and learning a few winter sports along the way! Home and automotive repair, spending time with my wife and dogs exploring the abundant recreational and cultural opportunities of the Upper Midwest!
Why North Memorial: As someone planning to enter full spectrum rural practice after graduation, North Memorial provides an amazing opportunity to collaborate with and care for a diverse community while receiving top tier, broad spectrum training and having access to the academic resources of a major university. We have great collegial relationships with our consultants and are an unopposed residency program.

nathaniel fondell photo taken in 2016Nathaniel Fondell, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Palliative medicine, transgender health, sexual health, underserved medicine, addiction medicine, health policy/advocacy
Personal interests: Camping and other adventures with my wife and kids, home improvement/repair (generally, the repair is required after I try to do the improvement), travel, podcasts, reading (out loud and silently), traditional Scandinavian wooden spoon carving and bowl carving
Why North Memorial: After seeing many family medicine programs, it was clear that North Memorial had the sense of resident and faculty community that I was looking for, which they have created by bringing together staff, residents, and faculty that all share a need to be working with the underserved in order to feel fulfilled. From the clinic to hospital rounds, it is so clear that the expectation is to wade into the tough situations and do what is right for the patient without hiding behind cynicism.

alexandra gits photo taken in 2016Alexandra Gits, MD

Medical school: Eastern Virginia Medical School
Medical interests: Health policy, preventative medicine, geriatrics/palliative care, medical education, community-responsive family medicine
Personal interests: Running the lakes and trying to beat the person next to me on the treadmill, exploring craft breweries, 90s throw-back hip-hop and old-school country, conversations with strangers in coffee shops
Why North Memorial: Ample elective time for individualized professional development (28 weeks!). Incredible faculty that are approachable, love to teach, and are true leaders and experts in their fields. Regular and well-founded participation by faculty and residents in local and national advocacy and medical education initiatives. Authentic dedication by all staff to the surrounding community.

kari halvorson photo taken in 2016Kari Halvorson, MD

Medical school: University of South Dakota
Medical interests: Underserved medicine, community health, women's health, adolescent medicine, refugee and immigrant health
Personal interests: Spending time with my husband and our pup, Lula; cooking and eating tasty food that other people cook; singing and playing music; scheming about remodeling our new house; exploring northeast Minneapolis; getting out of town to hike and camp
Why North Memorial: I was impressed by the quality of the faculty and residents and their engagement with one another, with their patients, and with the North Minneapolis community. I was drawn to the program for the opportunity to couple strong clinical training with a strong experience in community and public health.

theang ho photo taken in 2016Theang Ho, MD, MS

Graduate school: Kansas State University
Medical school: University of Iowa
Medical interests: Underserved populations including LGBTQ and immigrant health, studying health and education disparities in different populations
Personal interests: Traveling, eating, 90s music, guitar and ukulele, watching documentaries and terrible TV shows
Why North Memorial: The faculty, staff, and administration are all truly committed to serving their community, practicing full spectrum family medicine. The program is well-rounded in both research and clinical experience, and the faculty has a diverse array of interests/expertise. The dynamics and personality of the residents and faculty drew me in, and the community convinced me that this was the right place for me to stay.

priya nagarajan photo taken in 2016Priya Nagarajan, DO

Medical school: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Medical interests: Preventive health and wellness promotion, sports medicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine, integrative medicine, broad spectrum family medicine, underserved medicine, women's health, mental health, procedures, dermatology
Personal interests: Dancing, high intensity interval training, yoga, meditation, reading, biking, traveling, eating, spending time with family and friends, Netflix and Hulu, professional shower singer, amateur moonwalker, dedicated Bitmoji-er, being super silly in a general sorta way
Why North Memorial: Extremely diverse and dedicated faculty and residents that foster a supportive and collegial environment, emphasis on broad spectrum family medicine, sincere investment in underserved medicine and the North Minneapolis community, strong and well-rounded curriculum, opportunities to train in and practice OMT

mark nelson photo taken in 2016Mark Nelson, MD

Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Health equity and underserved medicine, chronic disease management, preventive medicine, Dr. Who
Personal interests: Theater, raising my daughters, playing with my wife and my dog, eating ice cream
Why North Memorial: Faculty and support staff always patient and willing to take time to teach, and a patient population that can be challenging, but is also tremendously rewarding.

samantha ngaw photo taken in 2016Samantha Ngaw, MD

Medical school: Eastern Virginia Medical School
Medical interests: Public health, Myanmar health systems, women's health and family planning, food systems and nutrition, motivational interviewing, underserved medicine
Personal interests: Myanmar issues, trying out new restaurants, cooking healthy food, walking and biking around the beautiful lakes and parks
Why North Memorial: Faculty here is very deliberate about helping us mature as physicians formally through the curriculum and informally through mentorship and friendship. The curriculum is very flexible with lots of elective time, so that we can tailor our education to our career goals. One of the most striking things about this program was that the staff, residents, and faculty are all so knowledgeable of the community they are serving and are very dedicated to working together with this community to improve health outcomes.

lonzale ramsey, jr photo taken in 2016Lonzale Ramsey, Jr., MD

Medical school: Howard University
Medical interests: Underserved medicine, preventative medicine, sports medicine
Personal interests: Video games, comic books (and movies), watching football, casual bike riding, bright dress shirts
Why North Memorial: Warm, welcoming faculty and staff; clinic with patient-focused care in the heart of an underserved population that is deeply involved in the community it serves (and encourages involvement).

jessica wilson photo taken in 2016Jessica Wilson, MD

Medical school: SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Medical interests: Community medicine, sexual health, addiction medicine, underserved care, team-based care
Personal interests: Cooking, eating all the (good) food, reading, biking, discovering cool things while wandering aimlessly around Minneapolis and beyond
Why North Memorial: I love the focus on broad spectrum care while still allowing for extra training in areas of interest. Also, the people at the clinic truly care for the patients, community, and each other. I am happy to be a part of such a supportive environment. Plus, Minneapolis is an awesome city to be in!