Methodist Curriculum and Call

Resident working with doctorMethodist residents provide comprehensive and continuous care for their own panel of patients.

First-year residents spend one day in clinic per week. Second- and third-year residents spend four or five half-days in clinic per week.

The following is more information about our curriculum and call.

Tailored to resident interests, and electives are chosen from standing rotations or developed to meet specific needs.

Longitudinal experiences
Includes noon conferences and curriculum in behavioral medicine, community health, geriatrics, and more.

Global Family Medicine
Global Family Medicine is an elective curricular experience where residents participate in structured international experiences to gain the skills and knowledge to care for our global citizens and communities.

Chief and assistant chief residents
The chief resident is a one-year elected, salaried position, occupied by a third-year resident. Each third-year resident rotates as assistant chief for a two- or three-month period.

Programmatic courses
The department sponsors several required and optional one- to two-day programmatic courses. Topics include women's health, sports and musculoskeletal medicine, community health, and more.

Information regarding evaluation of residents

View call information for each year of residency.

Residents as teachers

Family medicine residents are directly responsible for a portion of medical student clinical education during clinical experiences and clerkships. More about residents as teachers