Duluth Procedures

Clinic office procedures

We perform an array of common office procedures including:

  • Lesion removal
  • Joint injections/aspiration
  • Excisional biopsies
  • IUD/Nexplanon insertion
  • Laceration repair
  • Splinting
  • Casting
  • Abscess drainage
  • Toenail avulsions
  • Foreign body removal

Our most complex office based procedure is vasectomy. Colposcopy is also an integral part of our training and we have an excellent teaching colposcope as well.

We also offer dedicated procedure days and further offer an outpatient procedure month so that residents can focus on desired skills.

Hospital procedures

Hospital-based procedural experience is garnered throughout the Duluth residency experience beginning with the Emergency Medicine and Adult Medicine rotations in the first year.

The second-year Critical Care rotation provides the backbone of our procedural training. During this rotation, residents can expect to place multiple chest tubes, central lines/arterial lines, perform numerous intubations with ventilator management, and perhaps, even be the primary during bronchoscopy. The procedural experience gained from the critical care rotation is valuable during the advanced rotations of the second and third years.

The opportunities for paracentesis, lumbar puncture, and thoracentesis are present throughout the three years of training. Circumcisions and neonatal resuscitations are performed routinely during the pediatrics rotation as well.

Whether on rotations or moonlighting in a rural emergency department, these procedural skills will be put to use. 

We also provide advanced trauma life support for all residents, and the Fundamentals of Critical Care Support (FCCS) course is offered in Duluth to all residents for free.