Clinical Supervision, Didactics, and Evaluation

Women sitting in an office and talking

Behavioral health fellows receive clinical supervision as follows:

  • Two hours of individual supervision per week
  • One hour a month to meet with each other for peer supervision
  • One hour of group supervision per week, rotating among the primary fellowship supervisors
  • Ongoing consultation provided by clinical supervisors as needed

Fellows participate in the following activities:

  • Monthly department-wide behavioral health meetings
  • Residency and fellowship lecture series
  • Monthly department grand rounds

Fellows attend the following courses and conferences:


Fellows are evaluated at 6, 12, and 18 months. Evaluations provide fellows the opportunity to give and receive feedback about how the fellowship is going.

Evaluations are conducted in a face-to-face meeting with the fellow's supervisors. Fellows are informed about due process procedures in the event of a grievance.