Nancy Baker, MD

Faculty, Rural Physician Associate Program

Nancy Baker

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420 Delaware Street SE, A-675
Minneapolis, MN 55440

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Patricia Bailey

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MD, University of Missouri-Columbia

St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center Family Medicine Residency (now Regions Hospital)


Nancy Baker, MD, has been a member of the DFMCH since 2001. She previously served as residency faculty at the UMMC Family Medicine residency, but is now faculty with the UMN Rural and Metropolitan Physician Associate Program  (RPAP/MetroPAP). She oversees the RPAP/MetroPAP community health curriculum and the program’s student COPC projects. She is Past-President of the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP) and is a current member of the MAFP Legislative Committee. Dr. Baker serves on the AAFP Center for the History of Family Medicine Board of Curators and is a hospice medical provider at Our Lady of Peace Home.

Dr. Baker is board certified in Family Medicine, as well as in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. She has interest and expertise in teaching narrative medicine and end-of-life care.


Teaching narrative medicine and end-of-life care

Awards & Recognition

Dr. Baker is a past recipient of the Robert O. Mulhausen MD Award for Teaching Excellence in Medical Education, the Distinguished Service Award from the University of Missouri Alumni Association, the MAFP Teacher of the Year Award and the MAFP Merit Award.

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Research Summary/Interests

Teaching Community-oriented Primary Care to medical students and Family Medicine residents; cross-cultural end-of-life care


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Madlon-Kay D, Ricke L, Baker N and DeFor T. Case series of 148 tongue-tied newborn babies evaluated with the assessment tool for lingual frenulum function.Midwifery, 2008: 24(3): 353-7.Impact factor: 2.281; Sum of times cited: 23; Contribution: I assisted with the manuscript review.

Ricke L, Baker NJ, Madlon-Kay D and Defor TA. Newborn tongue-tie: prevalence and effect on breastfeeding. JABFP, 2005:18(1): 1-7. Impact factor: 1.636; Sum of times cited: 149; Contribution:I helped design the study concept, assisted with the study design, data acquisition and interpretation, literature review, manuscript editing and review.

Baker NJ, Harper PG, Reif CJ.Use of clinical indicators to evaluate COPC projects.” JABFP, 2002:15(5):355-360. Impact factor: N/A; Sum of times cited: 9; Contribution:I played the primary role in defining the intellectual content of the paper, in data acquisition and analysis and in the manuscript preparation, editing and review.

Harper PG, Baker NJ, Reif CJ.Implementing COPC projects in an urban setting – lessons from 10 years of experience. Family Medicine, 2000:32(10): 683-689.Impact factor: N/A; Sum of times cited: 19 Contribution:I assisted with the data acquisition, defining the intellectual content of the paper, and with manuscript review and editing.

Culhane-Pera KA, Reif C, Egli E, Baker NJ, Kassekert R. A curriculum for multicultural education in family medicine.Family Medicine, 1997: 29(10): 719-723.Impact factor: N/A; Sum of times cited: 174; Contribution:I assisted with defining the intellectual content of the paper, with the data acquisition and manuscript review.

Baker NJ.Domestic violence.IN: RB Taylor (ed.), Manual of Family Practice.New York:Little, Brown, and Co., 1997.2nd Ed., 2001

Baker NJ, Reif CJ.Community context for teaching.IN: K. Hamberger et al. (eds), Violence Issues for Health Care Educators and Providers.Binghamton, NY:Haworth Press, 1997.I played the primary role in defining the intellectual content of the paper, in data acquisition and analysis and in the manuscript preparation, editing and review.

Baker NJ, Mersy DJ, Tuteur J, Cline M.Family Violence.AAFP Home Study Monograph Ed. 205.Kansas City, Missouri: AAFP, June 1996. I played the primary role in defining the intellectual content of the monograph, in selecting contributors, authoring sections of the monograph and in the overall manuscript editing and review.

Baker NJ. Strategic footholds for medical education about domestic violence. Academic Medicine 1995. 70(11):982-988. Impact factor: 5.255; Sum of times cited: 22

Baker NJ. Maternity leave for practicing family physicians.Journal of Family Practice, 1992: 35(1): 39-42. Impact factor: 0.664; Sum of times cited: 3



  • Family Medicine/Primary Care
  • Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Board Certifications

ABFM, Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Clinical Interests

Community health, hospice medicine, medical humanities, rural and underserved medical care

Community Engagement

Dr. Baker serves as a delegate of the East Metro Chapter of the MAFP and has been an advocate for firearm safety on the MAFP Legislative Committee and within the Minnesota state legislature.She has been a small group leader for the UMN “Healer’s Art” course and currently participates in a local Rachel Naomi Remen “Meaning in Medicine” group, whereby a group of community medical providers meets bi-monthly to discuss issues of personal and professional relevance to healers and patients.